One of the hardest parts of being a new vegan (or even an old seasoned vegan) is trying to keep up with all the new products out there. I must have spent over $50 looking for the "right" vegan cheese my first year being a vegan and I have over 50 vegan/vegetarian cookbooks in my arsenal but not all the recipes are the greatest. I’m the first born so I’m used to being a Guinea Pig and now I’m your Vegan Guinea Pig. So here are my recommendations and critiques. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to Make A Vegan Part 4: The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Chocies Matter

Peter Singer might be a controversial figure within the AR movement but there is one thing for sure, Peter Singer (along with co-author Jim Mason) solidified my position as a life-long vegan. Vegan Freak's helped me realize that being vegan was more than just an extremely healthy choice but an ethical one as well. The Way We Eat made veganism more than about just being good for my health, but good for the earth, animals and the globe. Arden's Garden laid the foundation, PPK gave me the materials to build the house, Vegan Freak built the house and The Way We Eat put a roof on it .

Peter and Jim delve into the kitchens of 3 families. A family eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), The "conscientious" omnivore and a vegan family. They spend a day in the life of each family, delve into their shopping baskets and then even farther to where exactly the food comes from that each family buys. It's an incredibly insightful look into how our food choices affect a large global conscientious and how the little things we do each day have such a big effect. More importantly it empowers the reader to know exactly where their food comes from and what all the labels and claims such as "all natural" and "free range" really mean.

At the end of the book it became clear to me that being vegan was more than just a healthy or ethical choice but a vote that I am making to corporations, elected officials, and so on about what I do and don't like and what I will and won't accept. I've sworn off a lot of companies that pose an ethical dilemma for me and do my best to support local, organic, ethical and vegan companies and individuals whenever possible.

The Way We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason is a must read for anyone who eats, it's even on audiobook if you don't have time to read it.

And that, my friends. Is HOW TO MAKE A VEGAN!


  1. Hi Alicia,
    I just stumbled across your blog (i think through and LOVE it!!! I feel like I'm reading a blog from my twin or long lost sister. It is so fun! I have literally read every single one of your posts - its a boring day at work clearly! - and just became a subscriber. Thanks for all the great recipes and product reviews. I'm your newest fan! Please check out my blog as well. It is about 99% vegan and still striving! Have a great day.


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