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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Vegan Bikini Wax...

It's been almost a year since I started this blog and somehow I haven't managed to get around to anything in Atlanta. Not one restaurant review, vegan hot spot, nothing. I've let my adopted city down, but now it's time to lift it's spirits. Before this month is over I'm going to churn out at least 4 Atlanta-centered reviews. So if you don't live here it's time to come visit!

Sweetgrass Health center, Day Spa and Salon is my own little vegan oasis in the middle of little 5-points, right next door to Sevananda (the best vegetarian co-op in the world!). They are an Aveda salon and also carry the Dermalogica brand (which is mostly vegan, I think one of their moisturizers contains silk protein). The services on Sweetgrass' menu range from sugaring and waxing (they do a male Brazilian bikini wax if you're feeling adventurous) to massages, reiki and everything in between including a full-service hair salon fit for all hair types with a multicultural staff.

One person and one person only has been the sole reason that I return to Sweetgrass every 3 weeks religiously: Marisa, esthetician extraordinaire and VEGAN!!! She is the facial goddess and has turned my skin to pure silk! She is an expert at the product lines offered at Sweetgrass and will create a custom plan for your skin that will yield amazing results. Not to mention, this girl can give a shoulder massage that will make you fall in love with her. I know she grimaced the first couple of times I came in at my overly tense and stressed out shoulders but I'd like to think that over the last couple of months I have mellowed out quiet a bit and I'm more than happy to give Marissa credit for it!

Although Marisa is the only vegan that I know of on staff I have heard whispers that there might be more than one around (I feel like I'm describing a rare bird in the South Pacific, lol). Needless to say every person who works at Sweetgrass is absolutely amazing, accommodating and collectively have some of the best tattoo art I have ever seen - now what other Spa can say that?! The prices at Sweetgrass are some of the most affordable in the city, which is why I originally chose it over other more well known spas. A 60-minute massage is $75 and you can buy services in bulk at a discount price, kinda of like if costco was in the relaxation business. Facials just recently went up to $80 which is still amazing considering the place I used to go to charged me almost $100 and left me with more breakouts than what I came in with.

In addition to the discounts Sweetgrass offers for buying services ahead of time in packages of 3 or 6 they also have a great custom made spa package with an 2 services bundled together you save 5% and any 3 services you save 10%. I used this on my birthday to get a massage, waxing and a facial and the savings added up quick.

Lastly, Sweetgrass has just recently opened a new location in Candler Park (although I'm sticking with Marisa at the L5P location). The Candler Park location is at 1643 McLendon Ave in Atlanta and the L5P location is at 483 Moreland Avenue.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Marisa no longer works at Sweetgrass Salon and Spa. However, she can now be found at BB Salon at 2227 College Ave, Atlanta, GA 30317. To make an appointment call her at 404-665-7497


  1. I know what you mean about living somewhere and not writing about the city. I'm guilty of that. I have yet to write a vegan visitor guide to Seattle. I really need to.

  2. Am trying to find Marisa since she left Sweetgrass sometime recently. I saw her just before your post so she must have just moved. I know she was going to work out of her house or some such thing and I gave her my email addy, but I never received anything. If you have any info, would appreciate.

  3. Hey Mingming, she sent me a text with her new information last week. Email me at and I'll send you her new phone number


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