One of the hardest parts of being a new vegan (or even an old seasoned vegan) is trying to keep up with all the new products out there. I must have spent over $50 looking for the "right" vegan cheese my first year being a vegan and I have over 50 vegan/vegetarian cookbooks in my arsenal but not all the recipes are the greatest. I’m the first born so I’m used to being a Guinea Pig and now I’m your Vegan Guinea Pig. So here are my recommendations and critiques. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quorn's New Vegan Burger

There's a fungus among us - and it is damn tasty. When the folks at Quorn contacted me about their new vegan burger I was over the moon with excitement. Their products have always looked soooo yum-tastic but none of them are vegan. Finally Quorn heard to pleads of its vegan audience and came out with a vegan burger. But not just any vegan burger, a smoky, savory, meaty vegan burger that is completely soy-free! New vegan meat analogs pop up in the market nearly everyday  but it is very rare that a soy-free product enters the market and I couldn't be more excited. Don't get me wrong, I love soy but honestly, it seems like every commercial vegan product is made of it!

Like most veggie burgers these patties can be cooked in the oven, microwave, grill or stovetop. After trying all four methods I think the stovetop method is my favorite hands down and produces the most juicy burger. I love these burgers so much that I want to make sure that you guys get a taste of these new treats as well so I'm doing a little giveaway. When I 1000 "likes" on facebook I'll give away 3 free quorn products to 3 of my facebook followers. Just head on over to facebook, hit the like button and I'll announce the winners the moment we hit 1000!


  1. Looks so delicious! I would love a nice burger with Daiya cheddar and Heinz57 ketchup. :p nom nom nom!

  2. Awesome! I'm with you, I'd like a break from the soy now and then.


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